I knew I wanted to be a teacher in the 10th grade.  I had a crush on my English teacher and worked very hard to impress him.  I worked so hard and impressed him so
much... that he invited me to his wedding! He married the school's drama teacher, in whose plays I had small bits.  So, I lost my crush — but never changed my direction.

Forty years later, I can say I have been dedicated to what’s best for our children in public education, first as an English teacher, then in Professional Development for Instructional Technology.  I’ve spent 20 of those years here in Arlington Public Schools (APS). Two of our amazing grandchildren live right here in Arlington and attend Ashlawn Elementary School. My husband and I don’t just have roots here — we have fruit! ;-) My connection to Arlington and APS is deep and enduring.  

My classroom days are behind me.  But my passion for education remains, my desire to advocate for my children and yours is still strong, and my commitment should be apparent, as I ask for your vote. Let me bring my experience to serve you on our School Board.

Sandy Munnell has forty years of experience in public education, inside and outside the classroom. It’s time for an educator’s voice to be heard on the school board.


Sandy taught English, grades 7-12, for the first twenty years of her career. After leaving Prince William County, VA, in 1997, she became the Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC) at Washington-Liberty High School in Arlington, bringing her technology leadership to both the creation of the school technology plan and professional development for the teaching staff. During her tenure at Washington-Liberty, Sandy also served on the Building Level Planning Committee (BLPC) for the construction of the new Washington-Liberty school campus. After 15 years at Washington-Liberty, she retired with 35 years of service educating in Virginia. Well, almost retired, as she has returned to Arlington schools, both to teach and to manage the IB Extended Essay program.

Because she’s worked with school-based administrators, central office supervisors, and K-12 teachers in APS, Sandy understands what it takes to run a successful classroom, a successful school, and a successful system.      - APS Colleague

Since moving to Arlington in 1997, Sandy’s community involvement includes serving as secretary of the Board of her homeowner’s association and participation in the Bluemont Civic Federation, where she served as an elected delegate to the Arlington County Civic Federation (CivFed). She was a member of the Schools Committee of the CivFed (2010-2017) and served as co-chair for two years. During this time, the Schools Committee focus was on capacity planning to meet the needs of a growing county. She is a graduate of Arlington Neighborhood College.

Sandy’s professional strengths include:

Ability to successfully communicate to and influence various constituencies in both the schools and the community

Proven skills on the “business” side of schools, managing technology infrastructure planning, acquisition and budget for her schools in both Prince William County and Arlington Public Schools

Thought leadership in instructional design and integration of technology with curriculum, which she has shared locally, regionally and nationally

Sandy has vision.  I respect how she is able to break down a problem and help people see the connections between all the parts.  This ability comes from her deep knowledge about education and how schools operate.      - APS Colleague


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