I am grateful for the endorsement and support of the following:


I am very pleased to endorse Sandy Munnell for the Arlington School Board. Like me, Sandy knows that every child is more than a test score, believing that standardized testing alone simply can not capture the real talents and deficiencies of our students. She is committed to expanding opportunities for all students to develop their critical thinking, creative, technical, and job skills. And she is driven to make certain we always focus on what matters most: supporting teachers and students in the classroom every day.

But I am not endorsing her just because she shares my views. After 40 years in public education — 20 of those right here in Arlington — Sandy has knowledge of our classrooms, our buildings and our school system. She has been an innovator and a mentor in every role she has held. That she now wants to bring this experience to our School Board is a great opportunity. Sandy will bring unique perspective and vision  — an educator's voice — that will be invaluable to her colleagues on the School Board and the families of Arlington.

Her experience matters. That's why I hope you will join me in supporting Sandy Munnell for the Arlington School Board.

Barbara Kanninen

Arlington School Board



I am very pleased to endorse Sandy Munnell for the Arlington School Board. Sandy shares my belief our focus has to be on what is going on inside our classrooms. We are both committed to maintaining an environment where every student is welcomed, valued and nurtured, created  by establishing a common foundation of instructional practice across all our schools.  After 40 years in public education, Sandy is a fierce advocate for teaching over testing, knowing most standardized tests add more stress than value to our students. And she and I know that the instructional excellence that makes Arlington Schools the envy of the region comes from developing and retaining our best teachers, making her background as a teacher trainer and mentor especially important.

There are difficult times ahead for Arlington and our schools. Beyond her career as an educator, including 20 years in APS, Sandy is a long time Arlington resident with family roots here. Her experience in both our schools and community make her uniquely qualified to tackle the unprecedented problems and hard decisions which we will face from this crisis.

As a new Superintendent and two new Board members join us this year, I would welcome such an experienced professional as a colleague to address the coming challenges. Therefore, please join me in supporting Sandy Munnell for the Arlington School Board.

Reid Goldstein

Arlington School Board



I like Sandy as a candidate because she brings deep experience as an APS educator and has worked with the Civic Federation as well. I like her position on teacher retention & recruitment and her thoughtful, critical stance on ed tech (even though she is a self-professed "tech nerd.") Importantly, she has the endorsement of Reid Goldstein, a current School Board member I respect tremendously. 

Mary Kadera

President, McKinley ES PTA
Arlington Citizen & Parent



Sandy Munnell is an educator with more than 40 years of experience teaching and learning with students at a variety of levels in both traditional and innovative educational settings. Expertise based on years of classroom teaching, leadership in the implementation of best practices in instructional technology, and technology-related professional development of a generation of Arlington Public School teachers will enable her to be a valuable, informed, and insightful leader on the Arlington School Board.

From her first day on the Board, Sandy will understand the challenges that face teachers and administrators and be able to collaborate with them as they strive to fulfill their mission to educate all children. She will be equipped to help her colleagues on the Board analyze the complicated data that is presented to them by APS staffers and outside consultants. As a parent and a grandparent, she will be understanding with parents as they bring their issues to the Board.

As a former colleague of Sandy Munnell, I have seen her demonstrate her commitment to equity and educational excellence. I whole heartedly endorse her as a candidate for the Arlington School Board.


Kenwyn Schaffner


Jamestown ES (Retired)



I am so excited to vote for someone whom I know from experience "tells it like it is." The last three of our 9 children were at W-L. Your insights, your intuition, and your experience go far beyond your IT expertise.

Ann Felker

Arlington School Activist & Parent 



It is with great pleasure and excitement I have prepared this statement of support on behalf of Sandy Munnell.  I have known Mrs. Munnell since 1997 when she came to Washington-Lee (W-L) as Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC).  We have worked together on multiple endeavors and I have always been impressed by her ability to understand and support all students’ needs.

Her role as ITC was instrumental in helping our staff transition from traditional instruction to one becoming more and more technology based.  She was personally involved in lesson plan design, in the actual delivery of instruction, and in assessment.  She worked with individual teachers and with large groups during staff development activities.

Mrs. Munnell was also involved in programs which went beyond the classroom.  She took on the responsibility of leading students participating in the exchange programs to El Salvador and France.  Her leadership and problem-solving skills were invaluable to the administration when she took on the organizing of the graduation ceremony at Constitution Hall.  We have followed her format since then.

She has also been involved with senior class end-year activities.  She has worked with all senior students to facilitate their search for a meaningful culminating “Senior Experience”.  She was also the International Baccalaureate coordinator for extended essays.

As a former Assistant Principal, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Mrs. Munnell.  I feel confident in her knowledge and skills.  She has a grasp of the whats and hows of education, and is committed to work for Arlington. 

Margarita Cruz

Assistant Principal

Washington-Liberty HS (Retired)



I highly recommend Sandy Munnell to be elected to the Arlington School Board.  Her work as an Instructional Technology teacher put her in a position to have great influence on the teachers and staff at Washington-Lee (now LIberty) HIgh School. She very ably helped the teachers and staff master the new technologies, always demonstrating an incredible amount of preparation and patience.  I was also able to see her intelligence, flexibility and diligence as she worked in other capacities at the school. She has always demonstrated the capacity to listen, take in large amounts of disparate information, and formulate a solutions or policy to address the issue. 

I have known Sandy Munnell for over 20 years both as a colleague and a friend. Her experiences in different school systems and in different capacities within those institutions make her uniquely qualified to serve. It is will complete confidence that I endorse Sandy Munnell to serve on the Arlington County School Board.

Deborah Stoll

Psychologist for
the Interlude Program 

Washington-Liberty HS (Retired)



Sandy understands what it takes to run a successful classroom, a successful school, and a successful system. Because she’s worked with school-based administrators, central office supervisors, and K-12 teachers in APS, Sandy acutely aware of differences between our schools, of what is working, and what isn’t.

For the past ten years, I’ve been proudly writing in “Sandy Munnell” as my vote for school board.  I will be thrilled to be able to fill in a bubble next to Sandy’s name this year instead.

Sarah Congable

 Educator & Parent



I met Sandy in 2000 when I started teaching at W-L. We worked together for 15 years and here is why I think she deserves to represent Arlington on the School Board:

  • Sandy likes to collaborate - in the classroom with teachers and students.
  • Sandy is innovative.  As our ITC, she was constantly searching for strategies to help teachers incorporate new technology in a meaningful way for our students.
  • Sandy has vision.  I respect how she is able to break down a problem and help people see the connections between all the parts.  This ability comes from her deep knowledge about education and how schools operate.
  • Sandy is a hard worker.  She's not afraid of challenging work - I mean, she believes retirement is overrated!

I have confidence in Sandy and her ability to lead.

Wendy Taylor

 Educator & Parent



Sandy Munnell, my dear colleague and friend and fellow Ashlawnite, is an absolutely incredible educator. She is far and away the most experience and qualified candidate in this coming election, possessing an amazing work ethic and track record for success.

Daniel Towner Moses

 Educator & Parent



Sandy and I used to worked together and lamented on how one of us would be great school board members. Sandy was the only one of us that lived in Arlington! Sandy has always been a person of action. She walks the walk. She sees what needs to gets done and does the hard work to make it happen.

Marnie Lewis




Other Community Supporters


Lois Koontz

Former Chair, Arlington Civic Federation

Gary Steele

Arlington Gifted & Special Ed Parent