Forget SOLs

UPDATE: Woo Hoo - just updated 1 hour ago - NO SOLs in the fall. 

Lord have mercy! We do not need an SOL test to determine where gaps in learning are occurring during our closure. This is pure and simply about money - and the company's name is Pearson North America.

Think about the transition that will occur when our schools re-open. In our elementary schools, many children will have to relearn just what going to school is. Do you want the first thing the little ones do upon return is to go through test prep? If your freshman was in earth science, now moving into biology, would you want test prep for earth science before they start the study of biology? Math and reading at all levels will need remediation. We don't need an SOL to tell us that.

The only other state with a dumber idea is Massachusetts - the governor there has said the children should come back in June and take their state standards tests.