Online Learning

I'm listening to families' dissatisfaction of the delivery of online learning. Why no new content, no content at all, etc.

Flipping on a dime to online learning is no easy task, not for the teacher and not for the student. Presentation of content is different than in a classroom, pacing of instruction is different, feedback and interaction is different. For students, the lack of immediacy of the feedback, lack of social connections, and a switch to being self-directed - these are hard for the children to grasp when they have spent years in face-to-face instruction.

So, there is a certain logic to starting with the familiar, going deeper into content, reinforcing key concepts and exploring tangents of interest to our children. While we will all get better at distance learning, it is unrealistic to think we could do a proper job on new content for all our students.

In unprecedented times, with no notice, APS is adapting. Better than Fairfax where the top technology official is out, as fallout continues from their online learning disaster.