Sandy Fun Facts!

Not only is Sandy a teacher, but her husband AND son have also been teachers. Her daughter-in-law was a teacher and is still a high school librarian. Family dinners can be...instructive.

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Earlier in her teaching career, Sandy was also a HS soccer coach and (very briefly) a cheerleader coach. She knew a lot more about soccer than she did about cheerleading.

Sandy's mother was a WAV in WWII. She was a flight simulator instructor for Navy pilots. Later she ran for Alderman in Chicago, but it was hard to win even the smallest seat against the Daly machine there. She eventually became the first woman to be Executive Secretary for the National Restaurant Association, one of the largest trade associations in the country.

Sandy comes from a line of high flyers.

Sandy is a big Star Trek fan! Well, she is really just a Patrick Stewart fan --- her husband is only a little jealous. She even has a Christmas tree each year dedicated just to her Star Trek ornaments. 

Sandy's daughter is a very popular veterinarian here in Arlington. Too bad that dogs can't vote...right? 

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