School Board Caucus Process


 Return your ballot BEFORE May 30

It must be received on or before May 30.

A postmark does NOT count.

How to Complete Your Ballot

From the Arlington Democratic Committee:

Arlington Dems is using Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) for the School Board Caucus. This system, used in many jurisdictions around the country and around the world, ensures that the caucus winners represent a majority of those voting -- rather than representing a small percentage of voters, which often happens in traditional voting when there is a large number of candidates. Arlington Dems has used IRV since 2014 in caucuses with more than two candidates per slot. 

Under the IRV method, voters rank the candidates in numerical order from 1 to 5 on their ballots. You should mark "1" next to the name of your first choice candidate, "2" for your second choice and so on. To ensure that your vote is counted accurately, it is important that you limit marks on your ballot to the numbers 1 through 5. Use of a checkmark or an “X” could result in your vote not being counted if your intention cannot be readily understood. 

It is important to note that you cannot hurt your first choice candidate by ranking additional candidates on your ballot. In addition, by ranking additional candidates (2,3,4, etc), you actually strengthen the ultimate impact of your vote.

Your ballot stays with your first choice candidate until that candidate wins a seat or is eliminated from the count. At that point, your vote continues to be counted -- it will go to your second choice candidate and so on. 

Thank you for your participation --- and your vote!