Technology 1-to-1

I am tech nerd. ;-) 25 years ago I brought technology into my classroom. That’s why, in 1997, APS hired me to help teachers integrate technology into their instruction. 

Stand by a fire, you get warm. But standing by a computer won’t make you smarter. These are tools --- we must know what they do and how they can help. 

Technology is not the same across the grade levels or curriculum. For example, in elementary school, it may be more providing about manipulatives and enrichment experiences on a periodic basis--- while by high school, students are accessing and processing content. 

Honestly, I am predisposed to think technology can help learning. However, I am not certain that the iPads are helping now, as currently implemented in our elementary and middle schools.

I believe APS and the School Board can do better. The School Board can insist on an implementation plan and an assessment plan for any initiative --- not a “Did you like it?” survey, as we saw revealed recently. It is key that there be a continuing professional development to help teachers and families how these tools can enable learning.

If we can’t define and measure success, then we shouldn’t be investing.