Did you plug in the bus?


I'm excited! The bill in the House may be dead, but a similar one in the Senate, SB988 has crossed over to the House! This legislation would authorize Dominion Energy to “implement projects designed to encourage the proliferation of school buses that are fueled in whole or in part by electricity, along with associated charging and other infrastructure, for the purpose of transporting students and that may also serve as electric grid stabilization or peak saving resources”, then report back to the Legislature for future implementation planning.

The bill addresses how our schools can be responsive to our community and global conservation needs, in keeping with our county’s vision on the environment. Arlington is on the list of pilot schools to receive at least one free bus from Dominion Energy to test the performance and demonstrate the benefits.According to the webpage, “The buses also provide environmental and health benefits through reduced emissions, and reduce operation and maintenance costs for schools by up to 60 percent.”Saving operating and maintenance costs? Now that I can get behind,

How about another way to save transportation costs?  I went to high school in Chicago. I never rode a school bus – we all took public transportation. What if we stop running buses for high school students? APS could partner with Arlington Transit (ART) to provide subsidized fares for our high schools students. This shouldn’t sound farfetched. ART already has a Student iRide program, providing school age children with a $1 fare for any ride. And APS and ART are already running a pilot program providing 2 fully subsidized rides per day to Arlington Career Center students. We need to expand options for public transportation in Arlington. A school-community partnership like this would have immediate and longterm benefits.